Opening Theory: French Defence

  • The complete French Defence, not just a repertoire
  • All lines, every line with clear evaluations
  • In cooperation with our readers, readers input welcome
  • Connected with our annotated French Defence games

Bobby Fischer annotated games

  • All games of Bobby Fischer annotated
  • Bobby Fischer losses
  • Bobby Fischer combinations
  • Bobby Fischer endgames

Chess Training

  • Chess Tactics
  • Chess Endgames
  • It's your move - complete games
  • From my books

Chess Books

  • New books reviewed
  • Jewels from the past
  • Articles from historic chess magazines under review
  • Where to download chess PDF of our whole library - First Class Chess Information

The project is a new way of chess publication. We believe that a website is a better way to publish about chess theory.

There are three huge advantages:

  • Almost unlimited space
    in contrary to convential books we have almost unlimited space to publish our content
  • Always up to date when a book is written the content of the current release cannot be changed anymore. A website is updated within minutes and all user have access to the same updated information
  • User Interactivity
    our users can contribute to our content
  • Free to use


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