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Opening Theory: French Defence

  • The complete French Defence, not just a repertoire
  • All lines, every line with clear evaluations
  • In cooperation with our readers, readers input welcome
  • Connected with our annotated French Defence games

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The project is a new way of chess publication. We believe that a website is a better way than others, to publish chess information.

There are three huge advantages:

  • Almost unlimited space
    in contrary to conventional books we have almost unlimited space to publish our content
  • Always up to date
    when a book is printed the content of the current release cannot be changed anymore. A website is updated within minutes and all user have access to the same updated information
  • User Interactivity
    our users can contribute to our content
  • Free to use
    we don't charge our users for using our website. ( PDF content or Chessbase Format files may be available only against a small fee per file ) is one of a series of websites, which follow the same concept. Our main topics at are the Opening Theory of the French Defence and an annotated game collection of Ex World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. Additionally you will find annotated games of the French Defence Expert GM Wolfgang Uhlmann and the "Great Dane" GM Bent Larsen.

There are many ways how to publish games online. Modern and trendy are currently socalled replayers where the whole game is animated. But there are many problems with them, for example on mobile devices. We prefer the visualizing "Move by Move" presentation of chess games and opening theory. As said, we have almost unlimited space available on our web servers. It's doesn't matter if we are using 100, 1.000, 100.000 or 1.000.000 diagrams to present the material.


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