Fischer,Bobby - Warner,Ken     B76

US Junior Championship 1955 in Lincoln, Nebraska


This game was played on 15.07.1955 in the first round of the 1955 US Junior Championship in Lincoln / Nebraska. Bobby Fischer (12 years) was the youngest player in the tournament and with 5 points finished on place 20. Ken Warner also scored 5 points and ranked 12th at the end.

Fischer - Warner  1.e4


Fischer's standard first move as White.
Between 1955 and 1957 he occasionally played also 1.Nf3, aiming for the King's Indian Attack.

Fischer - Warner 1.-c5


Black chooses the Sicilian Defence.
This is the most popular defence against 1.e4 .

Fischer - Warner 2.Nf3


Main Line. Natural developing move.
The idea is to play 3.d4 and then recapture with Nxd4 .

Alternatives are 2.c3, 2.d4, 2.f4 and 2.Nc3.

Fischer - Warner 2.-Nc6


A popular choice which can transpose to different systems.
Alternatives are 2.-d6, 2.-e6, 2.-g6 or 2.-a6 .

Fischer - Warner 3.d4


Continuing with the plan. This move leads to the "Open Sicilian" systems.
Possible are also: 3.Bb5, 3.Nc3, 3.c3 and 3.d3.

Fiacher - Warner 3.-cxd4


Mainline and best. Blacks creates an imbalance, by exchanging his c-pawn against a white center pawn.
Other black moves lead to advantage for White.

Fischer - Warner 4.Nxd4


Natural move.
Some Grandmasters sometimes have played 4.c3, which transposes to the Morra Gambit.

Fischer - Warner 4.-Nf6


Normal developing move which is attacking the pawn e4.
Alternatives are 4.-g6, 4.-e5, 4.-e6, 4.-Qc7, 4.-d6, 4.-Qb6 or 4.-a6.

Fischer - Warner 5.Nc3


The reaction of white is a developing move, which is protecting the pawn e4.

Fischer - Warner 5.-d6


Black has to make a major decision.
5.-e5 would have been the Sicilian Sveshnikov.

5.-e6, 5.-g6, 5.-a6 and 5.-Qb6 are possible too.

Fischer - Warner 6.Be2


This is quite passive. More popular are 6.Bg5 and 6.Bc4.
Later in career Bobby would have played here 6.Bc4.

Fischer - Warner 6.Be2


More popular is 6.-e5. 6.-e6 was played too.
The game is now a Sicilian Dragon, where White has played the quite move Be2, instead of Bc4 (Fischer / Sozin Attack).

Fischer - Warner 7.Be3


Fischer plans to castle queenside. The idea is to play Be3, f3, Qd2 and 0-0-0.
Possible here was 7.0-0 with a quiet game.

Fischer - Warner 7.-Bg7


Black continues his normal development plan, which includes
- castling kingside
- attacking on the queenside

Fischer - Warner 8.f3


Preventing Ng4 and according to his plan.
But this isn't good in connection with the Be2.
8.0-0 is prefered for example by Kramnik and much better.
Possible here was 8.Dd2 and exchanging the bishop for the knight after 8.-Ng4 9.Bxg4 Bxg4 10.f3

Fischer - Warner 8.-0-0


Completing kingside development.

Fischer - Warner 9.Qd2


Now the path is clear for 10.0-0-0.
The problem is the passive Le2.
And this is a huge problem in an opening where every tempo counts.

Fischer - Warner 9.-a6


Controlling b5 and preparing his queenside attack.
But this is very slow.
Better would have been 9.-d5 with a good game for black.
Again the wrong position of the white bishops enables this possibility for black.

Fischer - Warner 10.0-0-0


Now the question is which attack is faster.
White will attack with h4-h5, g4 and try to mate the black king on the h-file.
Black will try to play b5-b4 and attack along the c-file.

Fischer - Warner 10.-Qa5


This isn't the best move. 10.-Bd7 seems better.
The problem is that Black must prepare b5-b4.
The move Qa5 looks aggressive, but b5 isn't possible, because the Nc6 isn't defended.
Bd7 supports this plan, as it defends the Nc6.

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