Chess is 90% tactics some people are saying. And when you analyze games in your chess database, you will find indeed, that most games are deciced by some kind of tactics.

Test positions are a good way to improve your playing strenght by practising your combinational skills.

But in many books there is a big flaw with presenting the material. The test positions are normally organized by themes. For example chapter is all double attacks. Chapter two are pins. Chapter three are sacrifices on h7. And so on.

This makes the exercice less valuable than situations where you don't know if there is a combination and which type of combination it is.

In a tournament game noone tells you:  "Attention. Here is a combination possible. And it's theme is a double attack".

Instead you have constantly to screen all tactics for you or threats against you.

Here at we try to present the material much more like you would play it under tournament conditions.

  • you have to assess the position
  • you have to find the combination for you or for your opponent
  • you have to do it under time pressure
  • you have to note down all important lines
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